Proactive Steps To Better

Your Mental Health

Resources and advice to recenter your equilibrium.

The Anti-Burnout Mentality

Burnout is the result of many factors. Some are out of your immediate control, but others aren’t.

By taking charge of your psychological well-being, you can fortify yourself – creating frameworks of positivity that will help you on the road ahead.

Whether you’re currently experiencing burnout or have emerged on the other side, putting your wellness front and center is essential for ongoing calm and prosperity. 

Here’s how.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and mediation have played such immense healing roles in my own life.

As a certified Yoga Instructor (by BlissOM) and Meditation Instructor (from Deepak Chopra), I take huge pleasure in showing others how connecting between body and breath as well as meditating can help you to embrace life’s challenges.

By practising Yoga and Meditation regularly, you will:

Increase your daily movement

Connect with your breath to reduce stress and anxiety

Attract positivity and good energy

Ignore distractions and gather your focus

Learn how to live fully in the present



Improvement in anxiety levels


Reduction in hospitalization risk for coronary disease



Of people feel better after a yoga class


Of US yoga practitioners claim that yoga helps them sleep better


The Power Of Connecting Body and Breath

Yoga helps you to reestablish physical postures, breathing and relaxation. By encouraging the flow of energy through the nervous system, you are able to eliminate toxins from the joints and other parts of the body.

The result is a unity and balance of mind, body and spirit. I strongly recommend practicing yoga regularly to:

Alleviate stress

Strengthen and tone your body

Boost your immune system

Increase your flexibility

Release toxins

Encourage inner peace and well being


Embracing Your Inner Calm

Meditation is a journey from activity to stillness. We move through the day in a heightened state, accumulating tension, stress, and fatigue. Unless we release this, it builds to unmanageable proportions and stops you from experiencing your essential nature.

Studies show that meditation produces both immediate and long-term physical and psychological benefits and helps break unhealthy patterns of behavior. It is an excellent practice for personal growth and ensuring the wellness of you or your team.

Practicing meditation on a daily basis:

Provides relief from stress, tension, and anxiety

Improves your overall health and happiness

Allows you to engage more fully in your relationships

Boosts creativity and focus

Ready To Experience The Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation?

Join me for my upcoming classes that take place over Zoom. 

What it includes: Attendees will benefit from 7–8 yoga sessions and 4 meditation classes a month.

Price: $30/month

Schedule: The yoga classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings and the meditation classes on Tuesday evenings. Full class schedules including times will be provided on a monthly basis.

The classes are designed for all levels and abilities. Modifications will be made throughout.

Let’s chat about your mental health